Joe Tammaro of BMW of Peabody says, "We have been using NOISE FREE since 1994 and it is a great product, we wouldn't use anything else."

Tyler Brown, Technical Advisor at Bavarian Autosport says, " We've been in the BMW parts and service business for over 20 years. Our customers have consistently told us that Noise-Free is effective and easy to use. In fact, we've never heard a word of negative feedback from any of our more than 4000 shops and installers who use Noise-Free regularly. Thanks for a great product."
Shop foreman at Moritz BMW says, "My Regional Technical Engineer(RTE) got me started on the NOISE FREE product. Our fellow dealers in Texas had been using the product with good results. We’ve had issues with vehicles exhibiting a rhythmatic squeak after they had been driven for 20-30 minutes. We had tried all products available to us to correct the issue with no help. After my RTE got us some of your product from another store, we were finally able to correct the problem."
These testimonial statements are the opinions of the users of NOISE FREE named above and are not intended in any way to represent the endorsement from any of the manufacturers, dealerships, or other entities for which they work.
After Sales Director at BMW of Honolulu whose regional technical engineer told him about NOISE FREE says, "As you know, we’ve been using NOISE FREE disc brake noise reducer for many years and continue to use it for all brake jobs including the latest brake sensor issue. We had our weekly technician meeting this morning and we asked if any technician has had problems or comebacks because of brake noise after using NOISE FREE and all the techs said the product works and they have not had any comebacks."
Ed Brabhaum of Gulf Stream Motors Inc. says, "If we haven't said it enough already, I want to take this opportunity to toot the horn again about NOISE FREE. When we started using your product nearly 10 years ago, I admit I was a skeptic, but the results have always been your best endorsement. Since we began using your product on every brake job, the only brake squeal complaints we hear are from customers who have never been to Gulf Stream Motors."
Service Manager at Robinson Toyota Scion says, " All that I can say is that the NOISE FREE product has fixed brake noise on vehicles that I first replace pads, rotors, shims, you name it.  It is very humid here where I live and brake rust build up is very common overnight, resulting in that trashcan truck squeal.  I have seen first hand how effective this can be.  You sent me a sample over 3 years ago and just recently followed up.  I was so happy to hear from you because I had been trying to track down the sample can in the shop so that I could find out the name of the company.  It was uncanny how a couple of days later I got a letter in the mail from you and was able to order the “miracle” brake silencer."
Craig Davenport, of Davenport Motor Company says, "Since using NOISE FREE for the last four years, I have never had a car come back with a brake noise complaint. NOISE FREE is one product that helps keep our customer satisfaction index high."
Franz Scharff of STS located in EUROPE who gave samples to official car dealers and service garages of BMW AND ALPHA ROMEO says, "After using NOISE FREE on several "problem" cars both the people of BMW and ALPHA ROMEO gave very positive reactions and considered NOISE FREE to be much more effective than the products they used so far."
James Lavelle, of Carlisle Lincoln Mercury, ASE Master Technician, Ford Master Technician and Team Leader says, "Some Ford and Japanese engineers came to Carlisle to help diagnose a brake squeal problem which persisted even after replacing both pads and rotors. I suggested they try your product. They did so thinking it would not eliminate the squeal. To their surprise it did. I told them of the success I have had using your product. They were impressed with the results."
Hal Stablheber of Cain Toyota-BMW says, "Since we began using NOISE FREE a few years ago, we get no complaints from our customers or our technicians. With NOISE FREE we get that extra confidence."
J. L. Neal of Jim Bass Ford / Honda says, " Your NOISE FREE product has been working very well for us. Our warranty problems on brake noise have virtually been eliminated.Thanks for a modern day problem solver."
Service manager at BMW North Scottsdale, Arizona says, "This product has helped us greatly.  Our sales volume of your product to us should tell the story.  Many auto manufacturers have test tracks here for heat and durability testing.  Our daytime temperatures from June though September are 100-110 degrees.  This product seems to hold up to these extremes."
Mark Linkenhoker of Link's Service Center says, "We believe that all a customer wants is honest, up-front pricing and competent work performed right the first time. We perform 5-6 disc brake jobs everyday using numerous types of disc brake replacement pads. We started using the Noise Free Product exclu sively in March of 1993 on every brake job performed without one comeback. Your product is head-and-shoulders above any and all anti-squeal products on the market today. We thank you for superior disc brake insulating tool that has been needed in the automotive repair business for years and years."
Steve Williams, service director of Fletcher BMW-Chevrolet says, "We have used your product with success on several problem vehicles when a factory fix was not available. In addition, your product appears to address customer concerns without the substantial expense of replacement parts."
R. J. Graf of Lexus of Norwood says, " I have been purchasing the NOISE FREE product in two different dealerships, and I can attest that NOISE FREE is a superior solution to an industry wide problem. It's no surprise that NOISE FREE is the product of choice by our technicians when performing brake work."
Service Director at Jennings Volkwagen says, “I happen to be a member of the National Service Council.  And yes, we love your product and have been using it for many years. "
Parts and service director at Basney Imports says, "We have been using NOISE FREE for a year and a half now and have not had a car come back with brake squeal."