Noise-Free is a high heat, fast setting material that is sold in 1/4 pint containers with brush applicators for easy application. The Noise-Free formula was engineered and is owned by us and can only be purchased from us or our distributors. The company's product is designed to help knowledgeable brake technicians eliminate one of the biggest nuisance complaints when applied according to instructions.


  • Be sure everything is clean
  • Apply Noise-Free to the metal back plates of pads (cover the entire area)
  • Apply Noise-Free to both sides of the shims, if shims are not staked to the pad. (Cover the entire area).
  • Apply Noise-Free to the face of piston.
  • Apply Noise-Free to the outer ears of the caliper where the outer pad makes contact.
  • Allow Noise-Free to cure to a tacky surface for maximum effect.

    Note: For a vehicle with an excessive brake noise, our research has shown following the steps above and allowing Noise-Free to cure longer while viscosity increases can resolve even the worst problems.