When service or parts managers call us for the NOISE FREE product, many of them tell us that brake noise is one of the most common complaints they receive from customers.  They also tell us that they heard about NOISE FREE from their factory field engineer.

The Noise-Free formula was engineered and is owned by us.  This product is applied to the metal backing plates and shims of the disc brake pads.  This is not a product that is applied to the friction material.  The Noise-Free product will not wash off like grease, silicone, or anti-seize type products or dry up only to flake or peel off shortly after it is applied.  The unique nucleus of the Noise-Free product provides superior sound dampening capability to absorb the vibrational energy that causes the brakes to squeal.

Noise-Free's ease of use and proven ability to consistently produce superior long term results make it the product of choice for professionals.  New car dealer service departments, from the least expensive to the most expensive, rely on the ability of Noise-Free to rid themselves of repeatable, costly, and frustrating brake noise complaints from valuable customers.  Today, the Noise-Free company enjoys long term relationships dating back two decades with various dealers around the country, from Massachusetts to Hawaii.

We are told Noise-Free is often discussed at regional and national dealer tech and service manager round table informational meetings as the solution to eliminating even the most stubborn brake noise problems when applied according to instructions.  The Noise-Free product continues to help service managers reduce brake noise complaints and improve customer retention as well as ensure quiet vehicle operation.

With millions of actual road miles in real world conditions and on some of the world's finest automobiles, the integrity of the Noise-Free product remains unchallenged.

For more information, contact Noisefree@aol.com or 781-433-9977

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